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  • 2019-06-06--2019-06-26
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  • 國際計劃(美國)陜西代表處
  • 婦女兒童
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Project final evaluation to ‘Improved responsiveness of social protection for migrant and left-behind children in Qinghai and An’ hui, China’



About Plan International關于國際計劃

We strive to advance children’s rights and equality for girls all over the world. As an independent development and humanitarian organisation, we work alongside children, young people, our supporters and partners to tackle the root causes of the challenges facing girls and all vulnerable children. We support children’s rights from birth until they reach adulthood and enable children to prepare for and respond to crises and adversity. We drive changes in practice and policy at local, national and global levels using our reach, experience and knowledge. For over 80 years we have been building powerful partnerships for children, and we are active in over 75 countries.



 About Plan International Inc. Shaanxi Representative Office 關于國際計劃(美國)陜西代表處

In 1995, Plan International started its operation in China. Currently, Plan International implements its programmes in many provinces, cities and autonomous regions, including Shaanxi, Ningxia, Yunnan, Anhui, Sichuan, Qinghai, Hunan, Beijing and Jiangxi. In its program areas Plan International works in a variety of fields, including child protection, early childhood care and development, disaster risk management, youth employment and promoting gender equality.

By June 2018, Plan International had invested over CNY 710 million in China, to transform changes for vulnerable children and youths in China.



Project Background 項目背景

Since social protection in China is linked with household registration, migration and urbanization has resulted in 35.81 million migrant children and 69.73 million left-behind children without adequate access to social welfare and protection, leaving these groups of children highly vulnerable to violence and social exclusion. Plan International is currently implementing the project, ‘Improved responsiveness of social protection for migrant and left-behind children in Qinghai and An’ hui, China’, funded by the EU and Sida, under the CSO-LA budget line with the aim to improve responsiveness of social protection for migrant and left-behind children in Qinghai and An’hui through fostering multi-actor partnerships and dialogues. The action responds to the increasing concern of the situation of these children, and the rapid policy development on promoting government procurement of social services, strengthening social protection for children and developing Social Service Organizations (SSOs) that provide front line child protection services.


The project was jointly applied by the Plan International Sverige Insamlingsstiftelse, Plan International Inc. Shaanxi Representative Office and the China Federation of Social Work. In 2015, it received 75% funding from the European Union (the EU) and 25% from the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA). The project duration is 42 months, form January 1, 2016 to June 2019 for a three-and-a-half-year implementation period. Two Chinese local NGOs participate in project execution as affiliated entity, include Qinghai Huimin Social Work Research and Development Centre and An’hui Modern Social Work Development Centre. The project will be implemented in Golmud City, Qinghai Province and Lixin County, Anhui Province.

       本項目由國際計劃(瑞典)籌款國辦公室、國際計劃(美國)陜西代表處與中國社會工作聯合會聯合申請,于2015年獲得歐盟(the EU)75%和瑞典國際發展合作署(SIDA)25%的資金支持,項目期為2016年1月1日至2019年6月30日共42個月。兩家中國本土NGO作為聯合執行機構參與項目實施,分別是青海惠民社會工作研究與發展中心,以及安徽現代社會工作發展中心。項目執行地點為青海省格爾木市和安徽省利辛縣。

The overall objective of the action is to contribute to improved responsiveness of social protection for migrant and left-behind children, through fostering multi-actor partnerships in policy dialogues. It is envisaged that 100% of the total population of migrant and left-behind children, in the target areas, will have improved access to effective social protection policies and interventions. Policies will be developed as a result of the involvement of and dialogue between SSOs, universities, private social service providers and the Department of Civil Affairs (DoCA). The specific objective is to improve the quality of social protection services for children, including responsiveness of cash transfer schemes for migrant children in Qinghai and rural left-behind children in An´hui, through fostering dialogue between SSOs, DoCA, universities and private social service providers, in the design and implementation of relevant public policies by June 2019. 

(If you need more detailed information about the project, please contact.)



Evaluation Focus評估焦點

Purpose of the Evaluation 評估目的

This is final evaluation, and external consultants will assess the effectiveness of the models developed and the possibilities of take up by duty bearers. At same time, the consultants is expected to capture the learnings and challenges of the program; and draft the recommendations for further actions/improvements.


 Evaluation Criteria 評估標準

The key criteria to be followed in this project final evaluation are as follows: and the effectiveness, sustainability and efficiency are the three key points we need to focus on during the assessment process.


 -   Effectiveness: the extent to which, and the reasons behind, the achievement (or not) of the project or programme’s objectives, and whether these are leading to unintended (positive or negative) consequences for anybody involved or affected by the interventions.


-    Sustainability: the probability of continued long-term benefits to the target populations after the project or programme has been completed. This might include the resource and capacity of partners or beneficiaries to continue the intervention after phase out.

-  可持續性:項目在完成之后使目標人群長期持續收益的可能性,包括合作伙伴或受益人在國際計劃逐步退出之后繼續實施干預措施的資源和能力。

-    Relevance: the extent to which the interventions and their approaches were suited to the priorities and policies of the people and communities they were intended to benefit.

- 相關性:干預措施及其方法適用于其目標受益人群和社區的優先事項和政策的程度。

-    Efficiency: the extent to which financial resources were used economically and efficiently, potentially including cost-benefit ratios and alternative programming approaches

- 效率:經濟有效地使用財政資源的程度,可能包括成本效益比和替代性項目規劃方法。

-    Child rights, gender and inclusion: the extent to which the project or programme applied gender and inclusion sensitive approaches and explicitly aimed for results that improve the rights of children and young people and gender equality.

-  兒童權利、性別與包容性:項目應用性別與包容性敏感方法的程度,以及以提高兒童及青少年權利和性別平等為明確目標的程度。

Evaluation Questions 評估問題

The project conducted a baseline survey at the beginning of the project, please refer to the questions in the baseline survey report for the assessment, and it’s recommended to evaluate the following specific questions:


3.3.1 Effectiveness: 項目有效性

-Does the project achieve the expected objectives and result? If not, what is the reason?

 項目是否實現了預期要實現的目標、成果? 如果沒有,原因是什么?

- What is the key factors influencing the achievement or non-achievement of the expected objectives?


- What is the impact of partner selection on project execution?


 - What role did different partners play in the implementation of the project? What contribution did they make?

3.3.2 Sustainability: 可持續性

What degree can the project objectives continue after the project is over?


- Whether the project‘s result or impact can be continued for improving social protection for migrant and left-behind children and SSO development after the project over?


- If so, what factors can ensure that the impact of these objective continues?


- Analysis of risks and opportunities for the project.


Relevance: 項目相關性

- Wasthe project aimed at the right beneficiary groups for project objectives?


- Did the project intervention addressthe problems of the target beneficiary groups in the project area?


- Isthe project design still valid? Please assessment of if root causes have been identified correctly, and if same root causes still exist?)



< >:項目效率

Child rights, gender and inclusion: 兒童權利、性別與包容性

- To what extent has the project used the gender and inclusion sensitive approaches?


 - To what extent has it promoted children’s rights and gender equality?


 - Did the project identify and respond to problems encountered by girls in the process of obtaining social protection? Especially girls from ethnic minorities, children with disabilities, orphans etc.


Users of the Evaluation:評估結果的使用者

The report submitted by the evaluation team will be shared with stakeholders of the EU project, including the donors, local partners, national and provincial civil affairs departments, children's social protection experts, SSO in Anhui and Qinghai provinces, and the China and other offices staff within Plan International. The consultant should present the results - final report to the users identified.

評估組提交的報告將分享給歐盟項目的利益相關方,包括捐贈方、當地合作伙伴、國家及省級民政相關部門、兒童社會保護專家、安徽青海兩省社會組織,以及國際計劃內部的其它辦公室和中國辦公室雇員。評估顧問應將結果 - 最終報告提交給以上相關方。

Methods for Data Collection and Analysis 數據收集與分析方法

The consultant team for this final evaluation should actively communicate and cooperate with the EU project team and the monitoring and evaluation team of Plan International (China) on the basis of being familiar with the project proposal, the project logical framework, the project baseline investigation report, the project monitoring and evaluation plan and the terms of the EU project agreement, and conduct comparative evaluation by combing qualitative and quantitative methods with baseline investigation. Meanwhile, the whole process of evaluation needs to seek opinions and advice from Plan’s Gender Equality and Inclusion Specialist.


5.1 Key Analysis Data and Specific Analysis Methods 關鍵分析數據與具體分析方法

The quantitative definition of "effective social protection policies and service coverage", the current situation of migrant and left-behind children in the target areas, and the percentage of target areas that can receive effective social protection policies and service coverage (classified by gender, nationality and age) - literature research, focus group interviews, key insider interviews and questionnaires.


General information about the migrant and left-behind children (disaggregated by gender, ethnicity and age), and the coverage of effective social protection policies and services for them in target areas. Specify the levels/standards of effectiveness in this case in order to keep same measurement for mid-term review and final evaluation.

收集關于流動和留守兒童的一般性信息(按性別,種族和年齡分列),以及在目標地區為他們提供的有效社會保護政策和服務的涵蓋范圍。 尤其是對應情況下有效性的水平/標準,以便為中期審查和最終評估保持相同的衡量標準。

Status quo of social protection policies that benefit left-behind and migrant children in China, and aiming this issue, the involvement of multi-actor partnerships, such as SSOs, universities and private social service providers in Anhui and Qinghai province. 中國留守兒童和流動兒童的社會保護政策的現狀,并針對這一問題,安徽和青海省的社會工作組織,大學和民營社會服務提供者等多方合作伙伴的參與情況。

Ratio of migrant and left-behind children who have access of cash transfer schemes in target areas (disaggregated by gender, ethnicity and age). 在目標地區獲得現金轉移支付的流動和留守兒童的比例(按性別,種族和年齡分列)。

Current progress of national standards and guidance development for child social work organizations. 目前兒童社會工作組織的國家標準和指南的開發進展情況。

Current level of child protection awareness and social service skills of staff from government five-tier child welfare system and SSOs among the target group. 目標群體中來自政府五級兒童福利系統和社工機構員工的兒童保護意識和社會服務技能的當前水平。

Existing multi-actor alliances and dialogue platforms established between SSOs, universities, private social service providers and DoCA in An’hui and Qinghai.


Other contents related to indicators within the project logical framework.

5.2 Scope of Evaluation and Research:
5.2 評估調研范圍:

This research will be conducted in Beijing, Xining and Golmud in Qinghai Province, and Hefei and Lixin County in Anhui Province. The sample consists of those who live and work in these regions, including children, parents, social workers, and staff of social service organizations, universities, non-profit organizations and government. The assessment also needs to review the corresponding technical achievements and policy outputs, including the development of child protection social service standards and technical modules, as well as the relevant policies issued by Anhui and Qinghai provinces.


Ethics and Child Protection 道德與兒童保護

Plan International is committed to ensuring that the rights of those participating in data collection or analysis are respected and protected, in accordance with Ethical MERL Framework and our Global Policy on Safeguarding Children and Young People. All applicants should include details in their proposal on how they will ensure ethics and child protection in the data collection process. Specifically, the consultant(s) shall explain how appropriate, safe, non-discriminatory participation of all stakeholders will be ensured and how special attention will be paid to the needs of children and other vulnerable groups. The consultant(s) shall also explain how confidentiality and anonymity of participants will be guaranteed.


The work will start with signature of Plan International’s Child and Safeguarding Policy by the consultant(s).



Key Deliverables 評估產出

-Evaluation Work Plan (one copy each in Chinese and English)

-Drafted Evaluation Report (Chinese-English Bilingual)

-Final Evaluation Report (including executive summaryoverview of report structure) (Chinese-English Bilingual)
-最終的的評估報告 (包括執行摘要報告概述) (中英文)

-Presentation of key findings and results of the evaluation (Chinese-English Bilingual)


-Final sampling methods (including sampling and sampling frame units) and size
-最終抽樣方法 (包括取樣和取樣框架單位) 和大小

-Final data collection tools-cleaned data (including data files such as excel and SPSS)
-最終數據收集工具-已清理的數據 (包括數據文件 (如 excel、SPSS)

-Qualitative data synchronization/code book and other records

-Informed Consent Forms (including those for children, their caregivers and adults)
-知情同意書 (包括兒童及其照顧者和成人的知情同意書)

-Other promotional products in the evaluation process

Reports and related requirements 報告及相關要求

The research and submission of draft report shall be completed within 90 days after the contract signing, and the submission of final report shall be completed within 15 days after the feedback of Plan International. The investigator shall be responsible for all travel and interview arrangements, and meanwhile, Plan International and China Federation of Social Work, Qinghai Huimin Social Work Research and Development Center, and Anhui Province Modern Social Work Development Center shall provide necessary logistical assistance and support.

Please note that the Evaluation Report is owned by Plan International Inc. Shaanxi Representative Office and cannot be released without prior authorization.

We encourage the evaluation team to use the research results for various forms of promotion, including conference release and periodical submission. However, the evaluation team needs to consult with Plan International Inc. Shaanxi Representative Office in advance and must emphasize that the original data, analysis and report all belong to Plan International Inc. Shaanxi Representative Office. If the report and its data are used externally, written permission must be obtained from Plan International Inc. Shaanxi Representative Office.

< >時間表(初步計劃) The research and submission of draft report shall be completed within 90 days after the contract signing, and the submission of final report shall be completed within 15 days after the feedback of Plan International.

Major Issues


Submission of the Evaluation Work Plan (Chinese-English Bilingual)

Deadline: July 15, 2019

Preliminary Experiment,  Evaluation Tool Modification and Finalization

Deadline: July 3, 2019

Completion of Data Collection (Related Preparations including Researcher Training)

Deadline: August 31, 2019

Data Analysis and Compilation


Deadline: Sept 15, 2019


Submission of the First Draft of Evaluation Report (Chinese)


Deadline: September  30, 2019

Submission of the Final Draft of Evaluation Report (Chinese-English Bilingual)


Deadline: October 14, 2019


Expected Qualifications 投標資質要求

Major members of the Tendering Consultant Team shall obtain the master degree or above in relevant fields like child protection, social work and public policy, and at least one of the members shall have knowledge background and related experience in the field of gender;

Possess rich experience in document research, questionnaire design, interview, qualitative & quantitative research, data analysis and report writing for at least 5 years. Candidate who has successfully implemented baseline surveys for international non-profit organizations over the past 5 years is preferred;

Possess the favorable skills for communication and interview; be capable of explaining complex problems or concepts in colloquial language;

Be proficient in using relevant statistical software’s like STATA, SPSS, CSPro and SAS;
熟練使用相關統計軟件:STATA, SPSS, CSPro, SAS 等;

Candidate who is excellent in English writing and able to speak the dialect of the research site is preferred.


Requirements for tendering 投標要求

Please provide complete tender documents according to the following requirements to evaluate the tenderer / tendering organization. Documents include:

- Copy of the Independent Legal Entity Institution Certificate with official seal (for tendering organization); resume and identity document (for individual tenderer)

- Resume of Chief Researcher and team introduction

- Brief introduction on the capability and competitiveness for fulfilling this mission, and the evaluation project design scheme developed by the tenderer within two years

- Implementation scheme and detailed budget based on the bid substance

- Ethics and child protection measures during the evaluation

- Other supplementary documents needed according to the tenderer

- A file list of paper documents with official seal (for tendering organization); a file list (for individual tenderer).

Contact 聯系方式

Please post the paper tender documents before June 26, 2019. (Add: Room 716, Qindian International Building, No. 396, South 2nd Ring Road East Section, Xi'an, Shaanxi Province; Recipient: Ms. Pei Yuan; Postal Code: 710061)
投標紙質版文件請于2019年6月26日前,寄至陜西省西安市南二環東段396號秦電國際大廈716室 ,培媛 女士收,郵編710061;

Please also send the electronic documents to [email protected]
同時,請發送電子版文件至[email protected]

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